About Amazing Kim:

The Amazing Kim has traveled extensively to many different countries, and has even lived abroad, which gives him a deeper understand and appreciation for other cultures. His most recent traveling experience was spending time in Turkey, where he learned a lot about Mediterranean people, history and culture. This travel experience has given the Amazing Kim a greater understanding of the world, which helps him solve problems and work miracles for  clients, no matter if they are buying or selling.

In the beginning…

When the Amazing Kim began his Houston Real Estate career, he didn’t have clients and the market was in poor condition. He worked diligently to guide clients through the real estate process so that they could own their dream home. “Clients recognized my attention to details and were appreciative of my efforts, and was able to earn their referred business” said Kim, “and now I have clients from all over the world”. The Amazing Kim now works with clients of many cultures, backgrounds and situations.

Why Amazing Kim is Amazing:

In Kim’s first days as a Real Estate Professional was dealing primarily with first-time buyers who had issues with income, credit and home financing. He worked diligently to find lenders that were willing to work with these specific issues. In turn, Kim spend time learning everything about mortgage financing, their guidelines and credit systems. Despite his inexperience and customers’ credit challenges, he was still able to close all of his deals. Later on, he began working with sellers. His very first listing had been on the market for over a year with another realtor, but, with Amazing Kim’s successful real estate marketing, he was able to get the seller a contract in less than 30 days, needless to say the client was extremely happy! Kim recalls another example where a home that was listed with another agent was on the market for more than 18 months. After taking that listing over, Kim, with successful marketing, was able to close in less than 50 days. It’s Amazing Kim’s attention to detail and the depth of his industry knowledge that gives him an edge.

What The Amazing Kim specializes in, is working with customers who have challenges. He educates them and helps them understand all of the ins and outs of buying/selling a house. But where he really stands apart is in situations where clients are having problems getting financing from the bank. He listens to his customers and works hard to meet their needs. He educates them, in great detail, on every step of the process, from working with the bank to secure financing to handing the keys to open their new dream home. The Amazing Kim has a great feeling of pride and satisfaction when he is able to close a deal and make a clients wish come true!

Why People come to the Amazing Kim:

Many sellers put their home on the market and never understand why their home didn’t sell. They don’t understand real estate marketing or the cost and process of selling a home. This is where Amazing Kim is most helpful. He takes the time needed to work with them, educate them and help them, where other agents simply do not. Each time he helps a client by investigating their challenges, it helps him understand and learn more about the business to help the next client. “I love what I do, because I love working with people professionally” says Kim, “and I love the challenge of helping people work out their problems, but most of all I LOVE to pass on my knowledge to them”. It’s Kim’s commitment to his clients that makes dreams come true. This dedication and commitment is how he has helped hundreds of people buy and sell their home, and can help you too!

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