The real estate industry has an organized system involving many professional people from many different areas. In the State of Texas, there’s a law that documents all the processes of real estate. They are there for a reason, to protect buyers and sellers when it comes to the buying and selling process.

In reality, a many people think that a real estate broker is not mandatory when selling or buying a home. A perception is that a broker doesn’t earn the money that make on the sale. However, if you work with a reputable broker, they really work much harder than most people think.

Just to complete one transaction, it require tremendous efforts. The buyer side broker has to handle much more than just showing the house. For example, a broker has to write a contract, deliver option fee and earnest money to seller’s broker and title company. Plus, if the broker handled the financial transaction, they have to take care of all the financial documents. After the contract is executed, they then have to coordinate between an inspection and home warranty and that must be set up in a limit of 10 days. Your broker also contacts the title company to continually update the process. On the financial side, your broker has to diligently keep his eye on the selected lender to help get the loan approved on time. Some real estate agents don’t wanted to get involve the financial process and only want to focus on a client, in my opinion, especially for the first time buyer, they need to have a realtor who can help walk them through the process. Especially all the essential documents that banks required for a loan since this is a very complicated process for the client. Another thing is that a good agent works out the sensitive issues between the buyer and seller. Sometimes, if a real estate agent is difficult to contact, it’s typically because they are adjusting all the issues that take place throughout the complete transaction.

To solve issues, communication with all the people involved is very important. The truth is, the real estates process is not that simple. If you were selling a house by yourself, you not only have to find a buyer, but then show the house every time the buyer wants to see it. You also have to write a contract and deal with all the issues that happen during the buying process including finding the service people to resolve those issues. This becomes nearly impossible if you are working a full time job or worse if you own your own business. Let’s face it, it is hard to find the large amount of time you need to spend while selling a house. One of the least thought of but hardest parts is answering all the phone calls regarding the transaction. Not to mention selling a house is not something you do often so it becomes difficult to make the necessary, let alone the right decision every time.

A good real estate agent represents the buyer throughout all the transactions required in buying or selling a house. If you are purchasing a house from a builder,  I strongly recommend that you hire a qualified real estate agent. Not only can they represent you in an organized and educated fashion, but the builder is going to collect the commission whether you have a realtor or not since the real estate broker’s commission is already included in the price of the house. In fact, many builders prefer to work with an experienced real estate agent because it keeps the process moving quickly and smoothly. That is why  builders spend a lot of money just on marketing to realtors. Plus, many builders offer special promotional pricing structures, discount or even free upgrade options including state-of-the-art appliances.

An honest real estate agent who truly understands the relationship between builder and broker will try to help the buyer get the best deal with the most upgrades as possible. This also means that a client will experience many more advantages to buying a house from builder if they work with a real estate agent.

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